100% Full Blood Wagyu Beef

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100% Full Blood Natural Wyoming Wagyu

Hawks Hill Ranch Wagyu are 100% Full Blood Wagyu; DNA tested to verify direct lineage to their Japanese heritage. Our Wagyu are never crossbred. At Hawks Hill Ranch, located near Cody, Wyoming, we meticulously care for our Wagyu--they live happy, healthy, stress-free lives.

Our results speak for themselves--our beef has been USDA graded at A-5 on the Wagyu grading scale, with a beef marbling score (BMS) of 12, ranking it in the top 1% of beef in the world.

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Enjoy the best of the best of our premium Wagyu beef!

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Enjoy our hotdogs, brats and ground beef any time--spring, summer, fall and winter!

General Information about our Beef

We ship using UPS 2nd Day Air on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Our Wagyu is shipped frozen in vaccum sealed packaging. If you do not intend to consume your Wagyu immediately, store in your freezer in the original sealed package.

The marbling in our Wagyu is abundant. We do not recommend cooking over an open flame, due to flaring. If grilling, we recommend using a flat iron, griddle, or cast iron pan.

Thawing: To preserve the texture of the meat, remove from vacuum sealed package and allow to thaw in the refrigerator or at room temperature.